About Loral

It all started by moonlight. While my tiny children slept, I sat at the sanctuary of my sewing machine, creating slow-made pieces for my home. 

It turned out that people seemed to enjoy what I'd come up with, asking me to make things for them to cherish in their own spaces. So, in early 2022 Loral was born.

Named after my two children Lorna and Ralph, (who ironically aren't allowed to touch any of my creations due to having consistently grubby mitts), Loral now makes characterful homewares using only sustainable and consciously sourced materials –  think soft washed OEKO TEX linens, second hand gems I've rifled for with my own fair hands or dead stock fabric that I've averted from landfill. Everything is made by me, Nicola, here in our cottage on the farm in the heart of Cornwall.

While the surroundings are about as country as they come, with chickens, peahens and sheep roaming about the place, I always like to keep one foot in the contemporary, toying with new styles, colours and patterns to bring some serious character to your space.